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Business Productivity using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access 2007 is one of the most efficient and powerful relational database to manage data. Information can be stored, linked, and managed using a single relational database. In this course you will gain the skills to create, modify databases and use the various objects in Access 2007. Knowing how to store your data effectively, will allow you to generate faster, accurate, and day-to-day reports to keep up with the demands of today’s working environment. Your company can respond faster, create dynamic reports for your business environment, leading to generating higher sales and profits for the business.

Course Number: CSE-41102
Credit: 2.50 units

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Dates: 04/05/14 - 05/03/14
Section ID: 100859
Fee: $650
Status: Closed
Time: Sa, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. No mtg. 04/19/14 (4 mtgs.)
Location: Room 211, UCSD Extension University City Ctr, 6256 Greenwich Dr., San Diego, CA  92122
Class Type: In-class—traditional classroom instruction
Instructor: Elaine S. Gonzalez, Experienced Software Consultant

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Section Policies: No refunds after: 04/11/14.