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Android Programming I

This hands-on course is for software developers who have little or no experience using the Android SDK but have some experience with Java. We’ll begin by introducing the Android software development tools, including the Java SDK, the Android SDK, Eclipse, and the Eclipse Plugins for Android. You’ll learn the key features of both Android command-line tools and the Android Eclipse-based tools. You’ll discover the essential steps of writing an Android app, including coverage of the app life-cycle, the Java source files, the resource files and the Android Manifest file. At the end of the course, you will have the skills to create basic Android applications.

Note: Prerequisite: "Introduction to Programming" or similar experience.

Course Number: CSE-41145
Credit: 3 units

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Class Type: In-class—traditional classroom instruction
Instructor: Norman C McEntire, M.S., MCSE, Founder, Servin Corporation

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